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No Vew also offers "The Cabin" A self-contained house which is located out the back of No Vew, this can be used as separate accommodation or as an extra house if you’re having many people stay.


The Cabin is accessible by driving around the back of No Vew. Offering its own fenced of yard. It has Opening gates that let you combine No Vew and the cabins yards together 


It offers 1 double bed, 3 single beds as a Bunk and 1 bathroom. Linen is supplied for beds only. There is also a small kitchen with sink, microwave and stove TV, DVD player supplied.


The cost of the cabin alone for 2 night is $210 or $70 per night to be rented with the house.


The Cabin can be found online as a separate accommodation under

(The Cabin) in Carpenter Rocks


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